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Professional Self Cleaning Dog Comb

Professional Self Cleaning Dog Comb

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Professional Dog Brushes: Both pet groomers and pet owners have feedback "Whether using this brush to remove Dog floating hair or combing messy hair, Deshedding Brushes are very effective.

Easily Care for Dog Hair: Evenly distributed stainless steel teeth can quickly remove loose hair, while effectively combing deeper fur and stimulating skin blood circulation.

 Efficient Self-cleaning: The brush head is cleaned with a self-cleaning design, and it is no longer necessary to tear the hair stuck to the brush head by hand.

Comfortable Handle: Ergonomically designed and soft and flexible, it will not hurt your hands even if used for a long time.

Reduce Shedding by More Than 95%: Suitable for Small to medium hairy pets, it only takes 10 minutes every day, leaving healthy and shiny fur for your pet.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Plastic, stainless steel
  • Feature 4: Safe
  • Feature 3: Works for Long Short Pet Hair
  • Feature 2: Comfortable Handle
  • Feature 1: Self Cleaning
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